Importance of teaching strokes

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July 15, 2014 by

Many of you may be wondering why the children are introduced to alphabet learning through lines and curves.
It is difficult for a young child to start learning to write alphabets as a starter. Teaching the alphabets when the child joins a school is the conventional method. So now children are taught strokes. These are lines drawn in various directions called slanting strokes, sleeping stroke, standing stroke etc. Then they are taught curves as in the alphabet-c, d, o, p etc .Here we introduce the method of learning through fun. Parents often see this as just lines or another form of scribbling. But the fact is that after a certain period unknowingly their tiny fingers get controlled which helps them to form alphabets rather than just unrecognizable lines or letters! This also teaches them to write with intermittent pauses whenever necessary. Thus slowly they pass on to form words from alphabets. Learning for beginners should always be from simple to complex. So we must take care that we teach our tiny tots.


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