Parenting tips- Kids and Internet


July 15, 2014 by

Internet is a medium that has brought about a revolution in the whole world. The internet has in a way succeeded in changing the world into a global village. In today’s world each one of us is related to the internet in some way or the other. Nowadays there is hardly any child who doesn’t know to use the net. Our concrete world doesn’t hold any interest to them as does the internet. It is easy, handy and up-to-date. Children spend hours in the net. They can get what they want without troubling anyone. This is where the role of an elder lies. We as elders should be aware of what they are surfing through the net. There should always be adult supervision when they move from one site to another. We know the pros and cons of the net, but at times it’s difficult to make the child understand. Hence we should be very careful as to which site they use. Children should be allowed only half an hour- 1 hour on the net daily. Parents should be careful that kids do not get addicted to it. Children should be taught to do researches. They should also be allowed to use the entertainment part of it such as games. As children grow up they should learn to avoid the initiation of bad sites. In fact, doing researches by themselves make them more responsible to the society in the long run. Thus in a way we can be satisfied of bringing up good and safe citizens which in turn contribute to a responsible society.


2 thoughts on “Parenting tips- Kids and Internet

  1. kruthi.v says:

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  2. gaby says:

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