Short Essay on ‘Nature’


July 25, 2014 by

Subject: Fifteen sentences Essay/Speech on ‘NATURE’
Mode: Medium
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years
Total sentences:
Contributed By: Rose Johnson, class 8, Kuwait,


As a famous poet said, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” We have all learned that nature is man’s best friend. Does anyone find time to just sit and listen to the sounds around us? The answer is sadly a big NO. India is a country which is adorned with much scenic beauty. Due to the captivating geographical beauty, we have places that are called ‘Gods Own Country’, ‘City of Garden’, ‘paradise of earth’ etc. Sadly these gifts of God are slowly diminishing. There are people who go for morning walk to avoid health hazards like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. If we watch these people closely, we can see that even when they are walking through canopy of trees in a park with sounds of birds chirping around them, they will have their headsets plugged onto their ears. It would have been better if they just listen to the music of the birds, feel the rattle of the breeze and enjoy fresh air around them. This itself can improve our health. Many a poets have described nature in its full beauty. If we live hand in hand with nature we can avoid being stressed. As we all know stress is the prime cause of all diseases. When we build villas, sky scrapers and concrete jungles around us we should also think about planting at least one tree for each building we construct. We all should find time to just stand and stare.


21 thoughts on “Short Essay on ‘Nature’

  1. Harsh Kumar says:

    A very gd website with a tremendous thinking on many topics. Gd points and also some fuuny words which changes the mindset of anyone.


  2. Arushi says:

    Very nice


  3. Aalisha says:

    very nice essay as well as its true……


  4. gagan naik says:

    vry nice website and esy


  5. tanuja says:

    very nice ideas


  6. mini says:

    very nice and it is true


  7. swetha101 says:



  8. swetha101 says:



  9. Mohandas Talapady says:

    i feel it like a helping Mother.


  10. mahak says:

    gorgeous essay


  11. mahak says:



  12. devi anju says:

    Wonderful essay I luv it very much


  13. prajwal says:

    wonderful ,fantastic essay


  14. anuja says:

    hope all of us will plant atleast one tree for our country


  15. Lakshygautam says:

    Yes, it develops awareness that we should save beautiful element of nature otherwise one day will come when will lost nature 👫👫🇮🇳🇮🇳


  16. Hemanth says:

    Nature nature nature without nature their is no future


  17. Hemanth says:

    Nature nature nature without nature their is no future


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