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My Room


August 12, 2014 by admin_kids

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Subject: Fifteen sentences Essay/Speech on ‘MY ROOM ’
Mode: medium
Grade- 4
Target Age Group:  6- 10 Years
Total sentences: 17
Written by: Shraddha Sunil Jose, Class 2, The Hindu School Adyar, Chennai.
 I have a room in my house. My room is very beautiful. I do whatever I want in the room. I sleep there hugging my Teddy bear.  I play there with my friends.  There is a bed inside my room.  There is a cupboard to keep my clothes. I have three dolls to play with. The colour of my room is green. There is also a shelf where I keep my bags and toys. When I fight with my sister, I cry lying on the pillow. When I am happy I jump on the bed. My mother shouts when she sees me jumping on the bed. I have a big Barbie sticker on the cupboard. It is pink in colour.  I have a welcome sticker on the door of my room. During my birthday and other festivals, I decorate my room with colourful balloons. I love my room very much.
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  1. Shahrukh Khan says:

    It is ok ok

  2. md ismail says:

    pl. send a short paragraph of if i a house

  3. nimisha.a says:

    its ok for children between ages of 6 to 9 not for big students so its ok…..

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