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Advantages and Disadvantages on technology


August 24, 2014 by admin_kids

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Subject: Twenty sentences Essay/Speech on ‘Advantages and disadvantages of Technology’
Mode: Easy
Grade- 5
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years
Total sentences: 25
Contributed By: Shruti, class 5, The Hindu School, Adayar, Chennai

Technology has brought about a revolution in the modern world. It has made our lives easy and fast. Technology has a made the world a global village. Technology is a double edged weapon. Today I am going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

 Let us look into the advantages of technology first. Traveling was time consuming since animals were being used as vehicles. Now we have planes, trains etc which has made our lives easy. We have made vast progress in the medical field too. Almost all vital organs can be transplanted. This includes heart, liver, kidney, lungs etc.  We also have advanced machines to perform various operations. Just by sitting in our room we can see a person and speak to our near and dear ones, no matter how far they are. Incidents that have happened anywhere in the world reach us within seconds. We can even shop, book ticket, read books etc. sitting at home. Things like fridge, microwave oven, AC etc. have made our lives easier. So you see technology has made the world a global village.

Now let us look into the disadvantages. Technology has made man machine addicted. As we are progressing, our lifespan has become short. This is due to the lack of physical activity. Many people are addicted to various gadgets around them like, remote controls, mobile phones, Lifts etc. All these things make us lazy. Children are addicted to games on phones and laptops. They have stopped playing outside. At a very young age, they have various diseases like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure etc. There is less communication between people. People lead a sedentary lifestyle and hence diseases are there constant companions.
So we as a new generation, let us take an oath that we will use technology wisely as a means to progress and lead a healthy lifestyle. Thus we shall leave behind a better platform for the coming generations.
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  1. shrushti mehta says:

    Superb Essay!!!!!!!

  2. forbin riddle says:

    It’s too long

  3. It was very useful

  4. Its not bad its OK !

  5. nikita says:


  6. needa says:

    i like this .its good .

  7. varun says:

    i would only say superb superb and superb work shruti

  8. Haradatta says:

    excellent essay i have used this topic to tell as a topic at my school during prayer nice creativity and intelligent shruthi. you wrote it very well

  9. Cristian Peña says:

    The way i see it, technology are every time most part in our life and specialy to children, because they are growing in the technology age, so they see to it like something necesary for them life. That’s why the new trends lead to use it in any side as at house, in the job and school. It’s a good idea children are using it in the school because they may learn easily all topics in their classes, they can get information in a faster way and simple and that wasn’t easy some time ago, that is good but It should be to control by them parents and teachers, beacuse it could be so dangerous for children if doesn’t utilize of an appropiate way.

  10. sonril mohanty says:

    good but not an award winning speech.

  11. ishi says:

    thanks it helped me a lot

  12. User says:

    Its ok. Nice

  13. TOJO JOSEPH says:

    nice one

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA says:

    its nice but not bad

  15. Khizra Nasir says:

    I love it I am a girl In class 6 pakistan. in pakistan this website is very famous

  16. tahaparker says:

    acha tha bus theek ha

  17. Mohammed haneefa says:

    Good essay for children

  18. Vishwajeet chavan says:

    It is good and gives much information about Japan

  19. ramini says:

    nice one

  20. Avinash chouhan says:

    It’s very effective & easy for childrens

  21. Saedul says:

    yeah this is very easy to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of Technology. Good essay…

  22. Durga says:

    Absolutely very knowledgeable essay for us.

  23. Tawanda Ngaakudzwe Terulo says:

    Helpful , thank u

  24. ROLVIN PINTO says:


  25. senith says:

    it is very helpful

  26. Pradeep says:

    I like….. Reading essays on…. Google…. It… Is.. One of the best….

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