Writing prompts for Children- Series 1


August 27, 2014 by KidsEssays.com

Subject: Creative Writing Prompts/ Ideas for Kids

Target Age group: 6- 15 years

1. Hope you all have visited a river bank. There are so many things that excites us. Write about 10-12 lines with these helping words:
water-small boat-fishermen-children swimming-fish jumps-kingfisher-women washing-sunset-ferrying-a church-pilgrims-tourists-scenery-wind-peace-mind-refreshing.

2. What changes would you bring about if you were made the Prime Minister for a day? Write a short paragraph using the following helping words:
Free education-timing-syllabus-poverty-less costly (cheap)-houses-corruption-pollution-wise officers-strict rules-economy-security-technology-war-ministers-soldiers-women-safe.

3. I think all of you would have heard of Alice in the story “Alice in Wonderland.” Using your imagination write a story about what you would do and how you would feel if you could fly.
Helping words: Fly-high-birds-lands-countries-clouds-water-fish-air-hills-Rain forests-friends-jealous-tease-play-sky.

4. We have seen people with very serious diseases around us. There are homes where they are taken care of. In about 10-12 sentences write how you would take care of such people?
Helping Words: Good hospitals-medicines-seminars-charity-shows-love-guidance-organisations-visit-help-talk.

5. We all have a favorite cartoon character. My favorite character is Spiderman. Imagine he comes to your hose and asks for your help to fight his enemy. Write a story about his visit and your plan on how you would help Spiderman succeed.

Helping words: home- window-Spiderman-shocked-excited-red dress-tensed-help-touch-thread-power-jump-buildings-trap-plan-police-catch-success-happy-best friends.

6. We all have seen beggars. Has anyone ever wondered how do they become beggars? People are not born beggars. Circumstances make people beggars. Write a story about a rich man who went down to become a beggar.
Helping words: business- rich family- pride- school- educated- didn’t study- friends- spoilt- stop school- drugs- addicted- robbed- thief- sold- penniless- fights- police- court- debtors- road- beggar.

7. All girls would agree with me that their favorite toy is their doll. Suppose one day your Barbie doll comes to life. Can you imagine what all stories she would tell you?
Helping Words: toy-Barbie-doll-morning-wish-surprised-happy-talks-sorrows-mother-miss-family-love-no friends-make-you-beautiful-stories-happy-world-see-play-lifeless-life.

8.Once our school picnic was to a zoo. Let’s talk about the zoo and your favorite animal.
Helping Words:School-friends-bus-song-zoo-big-birds-animals-reptiles-monkey-two-cage-fight-tail-pull-funny-biscuits-throw-grab-angry-snake-species-like-enjoy-back- sad.



One thought on “Writing prompts for Children- Series 1

  1. jonika says:

    keep your imaginations on. make your own dreams and follow them until they became reality.


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