Childrens Speech- If i were the CEO of Microsoft


September 15, 2014 by

Topic: Children’s Elocution/Speech on ‘ If I were the CEO of Microsoft company’
Targeted Age:8-12
Duration: 2 Minutes
Speech Prepared by: Mrs.Preetha Vijay Kumar, Kuwait
Delivered by: Arnav VijayaKumar, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Kuwait


Good Morning Children!

I am very happy, that Bhavans has invited me, to share my experiences with you. I am Satya Nadella, the 3rd CEO of Microsoft, from Hyderabad, studied at Manglore University. I do not respect tradition, only innovation, what I mean is nothing is perfect, there is always room for change. For how I became CEO, opportunities were vast, but it was up to me to move faster, focus and continue to transform. Children! Always try to discover and follow your passion. Cricket was my passion, I may not have become Sachin, yet I learnt valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

Nothing is impossible — I had a job offer from Microsoft, when I had to complete my master’s degree, I wanted both, I took lots of pain, hard work and will power to achieve my goals. My friends! Success is what we all want. So run faster, dream bigger and live better than you ever have before. You can do it.

Remember with talent, resources and perseverance you can achieve the immeasurable. Wish you good luck and it was great being here.

Thank you very Much


3 thoughts on “Childrens Speech- If i were the CEO of Microsoft

  1. jonika says:

    keep it up


  2. kkpaliath says:

    Excellent Arnav


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