Farming- A Hobby

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November 11, 2014 by

Topic: Children’s Essay ‘ Farming – A hobby’
Targeted Age:8-15
Duration: 5 Minutes
Prepared by: Rohan Johnson, Class VII, Carmel School Kuwait

My grandmother always says that her favorite hobby is farming. I wondered how can anyone have farming as a hobby! She has mainly vegetables in her garden. There are vegetables like tomatoes, lady’s finger, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, drumsticks, green chillies etc. She cooks only those vegetables that grow in her garden. I must say that she is a nice cook. When I saw her garden I felt it is so nice to eat something that is grown in our own house. We don’t need to be afraid of harmful chemicals that are sprayed on plants. FarAll the vegetables used are so fresh and pure. Lately many people are turning to farming. They say that farming gives them peace and happiness. I have seen my grandmother talking to the plants. I used to feel funny. But I have seen that the more she interacts with a plant, the faster the plant grows. As my grandma says when she gets up in the morning she feels fresh seeing the plants swaying in the breeze, it’s like saying “good morning.” Being with my grandma and eating healthy food, I would recommend that all should follow my grandma’s way of farming. We should be aware of the fact that the fertilizers that are used are dangerous and deadly. It can cause cancer, skin problems and various health hazards. The government has initiated many programs to facilitate the upliftment of farmers. So I think we should take advantage of it and grow our own vegetables in the space we have. As my grandmother says it’s a good pastime.


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