KidsPoems- My Mother,My father, Friends


November 22, 2014 by


Title: Kids Poem ‘My Mother , Friends, My father’
Written by: Shraddha Sunil Jose, Class 2
The Hindu School, Adyar, Chennai


My Mother

My mother is very kind
She is like cool wind
She lets her love go wide and it never hides
She is so much fun
She is as bright as a sun.



Friends are so nice,
They are so wise
I like friends.
They are of different trends.
I always tell them “hi”
I hope they will never tell me bye
Friends are so nice.


My Father

My fathers only one but he is like a sun
Being with him is so much fun.
He likes me so much
He makes money
He’s just like honey
I don’t know how he can show so much love!
He is very handsome
No one can pay him ransome for their things to get done.
He likes to eat bun when there is too much fun!
My father is like a sun.


3 thoughts on “KidsPoems- My Mother,My father, Friends

  1. Ali balochi says:

    I have been through this website and found it very productive, informative and full if ideas for teaching and making the basic’s of kindergarten students. I request you if possible please send me the poem’s with music i mean in mp3 version’s as I have my own school which is situated most deprived and backward area of Pakistan balochistan,
    You are humbly requested to send me some good poems with music and also some good ideas if possible


  2. Aarushi says:



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