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December 25, 2014 by

Topic: Simple  Childrens essay on ‘Christmas’

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. It falls on the 25th December and is celebrated around the world. Christmas carol groups visit each house along with a “Christmas father”. Kids love Santa Claus as he gives them sweets and gifts. Carol groups sing songs and dance. One of the famous carol songs is “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer” which narrates about a reindeer pulling the sleigh of Santa Claus. Jesus was born in a manger and to represent that people make small cribs in their homes and churches. A crib is usually made of dried hay. There will be small statues of Joseph, Mary, the three kings, shepherds, cattles, donkeys etc. There will also be a small statue of an angel in the crib. It represents the angel who guided the kings and the shepherds who were grazing their cattle to the manger. Jesus’ father Joseph was a carpenter and Jesus’ mother was Mary. It is believed that an angel visited Mary,who revealed to her the good news that she would be the mother of the divine child. On Christmas Christians go to church wearing their new clothes and wish each other happy Christmas. People from other religions also join their christian friends and participate in the festivity. It is a day of joy and celebration and there is a partying mood all around.


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