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My School Library


April 5, 2015 by admin_kids

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Subject: My School Library
Mode: easy
Grade- 5-10
Target Age Group: 10-16 Years
Total sentences: 28
Contributed By: Roshni Sanal, Class 10, National School, Indira Nagar, Bangalore

We have a very big library in our school. It is so big that there are four librarians. There are books of all possible subjects in this library. From Class 4 onwards there is a library period once every week.
For sStudents of higher classes, that is from 8th standard onwards, there are two periods a week and for 11th and 12th three days a week.

Library is a place of calm and tranquility. Our teachers make sure that we use the library fruitfully by giving us assignments that needs reference work. So we are very much obliged to do the necessary work by visiting the library as many times as possible. Although I hated it in the beginning, now, I do well understand the knowledge I unknowingly acquire. The books I like to read in my spare time are Chemistry and Biology books. The first time I had library period in 4th std. I was too excited. On seeing so many books together my excitement knew no bounds. My voice also knew no bounds and after warning me many times, I was given a special place to stand, that is out of the library, till the period ended. After that I knew the rules to be followed when in a library.

In our school, one of the librarians brings the students to the library from the respective class, so that the pupils maintain the decorum by not disturbing the other classes. The same is maintained to send the pupils to their respective classes. In our school the role of the librarian is very unique. He makes sure that the students who come to the library during the respective library hour read a newspaper for the first fifteen minutes. This is compulsory for students of higher classes. So, I can proudly say that the students of our school are good readers. Here the saying goes true that everyone grows but those who read and grow will flourish! So why not read and grow!!I am in class ten. The fact that after two years I would be out into the world all by myself, makes me sad. I owe my reading habit to the librarians of our school. The best place in the school is this library. I think this is one of the best libraries in the world, so I love my school and its library.

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