A Class without a Teacher


April 19, 2015 by KidsEssays.com

Subject: Essay/Speech on “A class without a Teacher”
Mode: Medium
Grade- 9
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years
Total sentences: 32
Contributed By:Mithula Harinesh, Nandan school Rajasthan

Wow! A class without a teacher. It will be for us a dream come true. How many of us have enjoyed a class without a teacher? I think all of us might have experienced atleast once, a class without a teacher, isn’t it? I would like to tell you one such instance when we were in class eight. I think it would be for the first time in the history of our school that a class was left free without a teacher, ahem!!It was our geography period. It was a sultry day-hot and humid. Our geography ma’m Mrs. Fareeda was pretty strict; that adds to the heat outside and inside. Everyday as I entered my class we friends discussed about the possibilities of a teacher being absent, I must say Mrs. Fareeda comes last among the list of teachers who can possibly be absent. One of them even said one day, “She’s so healthy that she can never fall sick.” It is only with Fareeda teacher that our class experiences something called ‘silence.’ In the whole of eighth standard, class VIII B is famous for its trouble shooters. Our class is a notorious class and we are proud of our feat! That week our teacher had asked us to be prepared for a surprise test. We had prayed with all our might to keep Mrs. Fareeda at bay. Impatiently and silently we waited for the teacher. Time ticked away and she wasn’t by the door even after five minutes our hopes went high, we didn’t want to go to the staff room and inquire as this might increase the possibility of a substitute teacher arriving. Wow! After ten minutes we declared that she was absent and we couldn’t manage our excitement, hence teachers from the neighbouring classes came and tried their best to control us but couldn’t. Finally Fr. Andrew our dreaded principal had to come. As he entered the class we became silent. Finally he told us that Mrs. Fareeda on her way to school alongwith another teacher had met with an accident. We understood the meaning of pindrop silence even in the absence of our geography teacher. We felt really bad. We managed to get her address and many of us visited her. She had a broken her leg and had multiple fractures. In her house we met a totally different ma’m. Lying on the bed she welcomed us and was surprised. She chatted with us, cracked jokes. We met a ma’m who was totally new to us. We had a memorable time. As we were about to leave her we said sorry for all the pranks, also for celebrating her absence in the class. Our sweet ma’m just winked and bade us goodbye with her rarest of smiles and a complimentary flying kiss!! I will never forget this day without a teacher in my class.


5 thoughts on “A Class without a Teacher

  1. Ramisha says:

    I loved ur paragraph…. 🙂


  2. kamalika says:

    l liked this paragraph but not georaphy english my teacher ms.munjula mam


  3. priyanshi says:

    I like ur paragraph


  4. sanjay kumar says:

    i like ur paragraph


  5. Rhythm says:

    I like this paragrqph


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