Right Use of time

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April 22, 2015 by KidsEssays.com

Subject: Essay/Speech on “RIGHT USE OF TIME”
Mode: Eazy
Grade- 5
Target Age Group: 6-10 Years
Total sentences: 19
Contributed By:Rishi, N.S.S school Kerala

We always hear from our elders, “Grow up! Make the right use of time’’ when I was young I always thought, “Oh! God how much time do I waste! ’’Not only during the new year, but in the beginning of every month I promise myself that I will not waste my time and make a time table for my studies and do accordingly .This time table I hardly follow a week. I always have a feeling that there is time and things can be done at a slow pace. Later on I regret seeing the piled up things .When I was young: since my elders always said grow up and use time appropriately, I had a feeling that everything will be fine when I grow up .Now when I am big I got introduced to a big evil-procrastination .It is the habit of putting off things to tomorrow which can be done today .It gives us a false belief that all will be fine tomorrow but circumstances may change and we can’t predict the future. Let’s take the case of students; if children don’t study at the right time and keep postponding it, finally when exams approach they will have to put in extra effort and energy. Still the result may not be impressive. Behind every successful man there is not only a woman but also hardwork accompanied by punctuality. Punctuality is a blessing. A person who is punctual will always start his day early and there lies, a long day ahead of him, but a procrastinator will always be late. I think punctuality should begin at a young age so that it forms a habit. Only then will we succeed in making the right use of time!!!As Longfellow says we all should, “Act in the living present.”


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