April 23, 2015 by

Subject: Fifteen sentences  simple Essay/Speech on “Patriotism”
Mode: Medium
Grade- 10
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years
Total sentences: 20
Contributed By: Shubha Dinakar, St.Joseph’s School Mumbai

I would like to begin with a question, “How significant is the word PATRIOTISM to you?” Does it mean showing our overflowing love for your country when it wins a cricket match? Or does it mean an NRI sitting in front of the idiot box or the laptop and commenting or applauding a small act of bravery shown on the media! We all need to be awakened to the fact that it has become just another word for us. It is just a term used by politicians often for their benefit in the election campaign. To our forefathers who gave their lives to liberate this country it meant defending and devotion to ones country: that means also its countrymen irrespective of their caste, creed or culture. We need to think again do we use the word in the same sense! India is a country that is famous for its secularism. People around the world respect India because it is home to people of versatile cultures, languages and religions. They consider it a miracle, all these people living under a single roof. We Indians are proud of our variedness. Then why are our sectarian thoughts coming up now! Why do we want to divide our thoughts? Why do we fall game to people who want to divide us, and are trying to make their thoughts ours! India, wake up we are falling prey to such antisocial elements! If anyone tries to inject in us the parasite namely casteism, this is when we should show our patriotism by the single word “INDIAN.” As Indians we should think of the future of our country. We should sow the seeds of unity and prosperity and not of caste and creed, if so we are preparing a battlefield for the future generation which is sure to be doomed! We should not forget the words of our leaders-United we stand, Divided we fall!


One thought on “Patriotism

  1. asmita roy says:

    awsome yaar really


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