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My favourite Teacher


April 25, 2015 by admin_kids

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Subject: My Favourite Teacher
Mode: Eazy
Grade- 8
Target Age Group: 10-16 Years
Total sentences: 33
Contributed By: Mahalakshi B, Bhavan’s School Ambala

Mrs. Shinde was my favourite teacher in school. She was our Marathi teacher. She was short in stature with short hair. She used to put thick dark lipstick. The lipstick was her identity. When someone who doesn’t know her asked about Shinde teacher we used to tell them the colour of her lipstick as an identification mark. She always wore matching blouse and lipstick. She was very strict. She never oversaw the slightest of mistakes in the answer sheets, hence very stingy in giving marks. If ever we failed in her subject, we were made to kneel outside the classroom.  We all dreaded Mrs. Shinde. She wasn’t the favourite among students. I didn’t like her either, but since she was very strict we always made it a point to study her subject. Her class was so good that after the class we never had a doubt, even the grammar part would be thorough. The best thing about her teaching was that she would stop her class everyday before ten minutes and that was the time we could ask her doubts, if any. Now I feel, it was due to her perfect teaching that she was so strict in her evaluation too! I would like to narrate a personal instance. Once I failed in her subject. When she called out my roll number, I was literally shivering! I was ready to go out, to my surprise she told me to meet her in the staff room. My fear knew no bounds! I was ready for the worst. As I entered the staff room I wished her. She looked at me rudely and smiled at me. I must say she had a million dollar smile. She spoke to me like a mother. She advised me to come out of my fear of the subject. She said that Marathi was like a foreign language for me as I wasn’t a Maharashtrian, she also went on to say that the paper was really tough. Since then, everyday after school hours she used to teach me for half an hour, without taking any money, while she was taking private lessons in her house. In the next exam I scored well. She also gave me a gift, which I cherish till date. Mrs. Shinde’s dignity lies in the fact that she never even hinted that I should attend those classes. From then on Mrs. Shinde was my favourite teacher. I would also like to add that Mrs. Shinde is a role model for all teachers.

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