Homework, Project, Assignment

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May 16, 2015 by KidsEssays.com

Essay/Speech: Homework, Project, Assignment
Mode: Medium
Grade: 8
Target Age: 10-16
Total Sentences: 31
Contributed by: Akash Nehwal, St.Marks School, Dharwad
These are common words used in everyday life of a pupil. It is so common that not even a day passes without a mention of homework! What do you think, are homework’s good or bad? I am a sudent of class VIII .Today i would like all of you to think about the pros and cons not only of home works, but also of projects and assignments. I love everything about my school. The only thing i hate is the homework, the project work and at times the assignments given. Sometimes i feel teachers should discuss among themselves and then give such work to pupils. Most of the time the students are overloaded. Elders say that homework helps us to understand better, but has anyone thought how it affects us!! I’ve heard my parents saying, that when they were young, they had time for everything and used to play outdoor games more than we do. I at times think, if technology has made our life easier, then why do we run short of time! I feel the main reason for this is the work that we bring home or the so called homework. There is such a lot to do after coming home that we hardly find time for anything. On a daily basis there are projects, assignments, homework’s etc. I think during my parent’s time all these things weren’t there, still they are successful and they understood well. Then, why do we have to do things that we don’t understand, how does all these projects that are above our level benefit us! The most pathetic part of this is that not even our teachers are bothered about the genuinity of all these projects. No one thinks as to who did this or is it up to the level of the students! Pupils are bothered about the marks so they outsource these assignments. How does this type of learning benefit us!!Are we being fair to the system of education. We students are not against home works, but I think it should be to our level and we should be considered as children, we also have the right to have time for ourselves. We aren’t totally against home works. If home works are not given we wouldn’t do the necessary follow up for the lessons taught in class. An average student would read only if he or she has the fear of the punishment that would be meted out to them incase the given work is not done. Home works help us to understand what is taught, in class better. It helps us to learn ahead and concentrate the following day. I feel that teachers should understand the level of the pupils and appreciate the handiwork of the students, without going for the outward frills of the so called projects.


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