Importance of Time


May 19, 2015 by

Subject: Essay/Speech on “ Importance of Time”
Mode: Eazy
Grade- 2
Target Age Group: 6-10 Years
Total sentences: 20
Contributed By: Bosco D’costa, St.Patrick’s School Mumbai

Everyone says that time is precious, do you know why? This is because time once lost cannot be regained. Time is more precious than money. This is very true as money once lost can be regained but time once lost is lost forever, it can never be regained. We always hear people speaking about having no time at all, but I think a person who is systematic will never feel the lack of time in their life. People who are successful in life are those who use their time intelligently and do their work on time without wasting it at all. We have heard the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise.” This is how successful people use their time as rising early gives them lots of time to do all their work and also enough time for leisure. There won’t be any confusion in their life. When we are young we feel that we have lots of time to do our work, so we enjoy by eating, drinking and merry making with our friends. Later when we grow up we regret, but we have already wasted our time and that time will never come back. My grandmother always says that we should not further waste our time by thinking or regretting about lost time, by doing so we waste our present and thus our future also will not be good. Making the right use of time makes us responsible. Eating proper food on time keeps us healthy. Doing exercises at the right time also keeps us fit and strong. Thus those who eat and exercise at the right time can lead a healthy life. We as students should make the right use of time by doing our homework and learning our lessons daily. This will be the correct use of our time. If we learn our lessons daily it will help us during our exams, we can score good marks. Thus we can make our teachers and parents happy.


One thought on “Importance of Time

  1. GOPALA says:

    Very useful for kids


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