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My summer vacation


June 23, 2015 by admin_kids

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Subject: Essay/Speech on “My summer vacation”
Mode: Medium
Grade- 7
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years
Total sentences: 39
Contributed By: Amit Sundar, VHSS Public school, Chennai

Summer vacations are long awaited by all of us. This is because we are tired of the exams, the heat, long days etc. I feel bored as my mother always repeats the word, “STUDY.” I am sure most of us begin the countdown, for the vacations right from the month of March. We friends were discussing our vacation plans. I found out that most of them would go out of station. I felt a bit sad, as I would be here in Chennai. My parents are working and we have Usha aunty to take care of me when my parents are away. My parents won’t get leave for this vacation. Many of my friends would be visiting their grandparents in their native places and would be back only in the first week of June. My grandfather stays alone so, it will be difficult for him if I go there, that’s what my parents tell me. Only one boy in our class was leaving school for good. He is going to settle in US. I was a bit jealous, as he was going to a new country. I am happy that he was leaving, since he was a very rude guy. The long awaited vacations began. I am very excited, I had made hundreds of plans. I was excited that I would be able to watch T.V. for a long time. After about a week I slowly started to feel bored. I started sitting beside the balcony, waiting for somebody to come to play. All children like to play with their gadgets or the computer. My mother told me that my uncle would be coming from the U.S. I was very happy as I knew that he would bring playstations for me. He was coming alone for a month. He has a good sense of humour. Uncle Sam came with lots of toys, but there were no playstations. He was surprised that these days children never played out. The next day we went shopping. I enjoyed a lot. We had ice creams, saw a movie, bought gifts etc. The following day we played cricket below our building. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but later I enjoyed. We used to go everyday to play. Slowly, the number of players increased. Now, we play every day, there are ten players and Uncle Sam is our umpire. We are planning to keep a match with another team! The retired elders in our building cheer us up from their balconies, which is a source of encouragement for us. Uncle Sam is returning back tomorrow, but I am not very sad as he showed us what realfun is! We are thankful to him as he brought us out of the world of gadgets! Thank you Uncle Sam.

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  1. Farkhanda Ikram says:

    thanks a very good essay

  2. Tharushi Nawanjala says:

    wonderful essay.thanks a lot

  3. jasmine blair says:

    a wonderful and a helpful essay. thankies

  4. Fizza Farooq says:

    This page is very good for all students I also copy the essay from this page..
    Thank You..

  5. alihassan says:

    I also copy the essay from this page

  6. alihassan says:

    I also copy the essay for handwritting thank you

  7. Sahana says:

    Nice one!!

  8. Anumol says:

    Very good essay it helped my brother to do his activity
    ah it is very helpful

  9. Michael A. Stevens says:

    As a teacher….for all the students that said they copied and pasted the essay ….. we are watching…..^^

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