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My favourite Cartoon Character – Doraemon


August 25, 2015 by admin_kids

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Subject: Seventeen sentences Essay/Speech on “My favourite Cartoon Character – Doraemon”
Mode: Medium
Grade- 4
Target Age Group: 6 – 10 Years
Total sentences: 17
Contributed By: Shraddha Sunil Jose, Hindu Senior Secondary School,Chennai

My favourite Cartoon character is Doraemon.  He is a cat robot from the 22nd Century. He has a pocket on his stomach and many gadgets in it like the “bamboo copter”, anywhere door, fast / slow perfume, Gulliver’s tunnel, small light and big light etc. His sister’s name is Doremee. Doraemon lives with his best friend Nobitha. Doremee lives in the 22nd Century with Nobitha’s grandson in the future world. Doraemon came through the time machine which is in Nobitha’s drawer. Nobitha is a very lazy boy and he asks different gadgets to Doraemon for whatever he has to do. Nobitha doesn’t study at all and so gets zero in all his tests. He always falls into some trouble, because he misuses Doraemon’s gadgets, but Doraemon always saves Nobitha. Nobitha’s friends Jiaan and Suniyo always bully Nobitha, but when Nobitha cries and runs home, Doraemon always teaches them a lesson. This shows Doraemon’s love for Nobitha. Doraemon is a very honest cat robot. I like Doraemon because he takes care of every one and hence helps every body.  But friends we should remember that he is only a cartoon character. So we should not wait for Doraemon and his gadgets to help us out in real life. If we are honest and hardworking, we will be able to overcome all our problems and thus succeed in life.

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  1. Barbie says:

    Well done but it’s Nobita not Nobitha,and what is this,’He always falls in trouble?’.It’s Geaan and everyboby has no space in between.Very good ending and well done. Don’t mind! 🙁

  2. John says:

    Good Job, I like Doraemon too. 🙂

  3. sharon a pir says:

    Great job…

  4. abhishek ranjan says:

    i like it but it has some mistake

  5. Sufiyan Taher says:

    I love it, but it has mistakes in it. I think it is the best essay for my exam. Thanks

  6. Zara anwer says:

    I wish could also get doraemon like nobita

  7. haadi says:

    Good essay & lovely topic but it have mistakes

  8. ABHINAV KUMAR says:


  9. siddharaj ayrekar says:

    Very nice

  10. Adamya Vaid says:

    It is truly awesome and can be used for many purposes.Ex:Exams and daily to increase vocabulary

  11. karishma says:

    really! doraemon is very cute robot

  12. karishma says:

    doraemon is so cute

  13. To flee war, to protect the lives of themselves and their families, and must live with the rhythm of society, sometimes makes people feel comfortable smell. Be strong in the harshness of life, you will succeed.

  14. harshit says:

    i live to watch doraemon

  15. maddi says:

    i need a beautiful essay on my favorite cartoon character and like this type

  16. Duaa says:

    The essay is good but u also tell about Nobita’s best friend Shezuka

  17. Sagar says:

    Good I also like doraemon but the essay could be more detailed

  18. hanzalah says:

    i like doreamon too.

  19. Vania mangla says:


  20. I like Doraemon😆😆😘😘

  21. aastha says:

    Very nice passage it is I truely like doraemon

  22. shivani pandey says:

    useful material
    i like doramon tooooo much

  23. Amariya jaan says:

    I see for doremon from the age of 6 and now I am 27 year old but I watch doramon now also whatever it is written the paragraph is all true ☺ …………


  24. daisysingh says:

    i love doraemon …;) i want to meet him.
    nut i can’t;(
    this show is inspiring and helps me a lot since2 years

  25. Srinivas says:

    I love Doraemon

  26. Umar says:

    I like it

  27. Piyush mihs says:

    Hi everybody i like doraemon and watch all episode

  28. Piyush mishra says:

    I Also like doraemon

  29. shubham says:

    Not for grade 12….
    So sad

  30. 25954375 says:

    Very good information thank u 😊

  31. Nathali says:

    I like doaemon cartoon so much

  32. greshmaa.A says:

    hi!i am greshmaa i to like doraemon.as i read your essay i love u and doraemon. i have realy enjoyed

  33. Sneha Sukhwal says:

    I love doaremon 😍😘the best cartoon for me children’s doaremon in fact mujhe bhi doaremon bhut jaada pasand h i like doaremon 😘😘😘😍😍love you doaremon😍😘………

  34. mady says:

    Nice eassy……. nai also love doraemon

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