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Short Essay – A.P.J Abdul Kalam


August 26, 2015 by admin_kids

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Subject: Fifteen sentences Essay/Speech on “APJ Abdul Kalam”
Mode: Medium
Grade- 8
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years
Total sentences: 22
Contributed By: Pushpa Bhaskar, St.Peters School Mumbai

Abdul Pakir Jainulabudeen Abdul Kalam, this was the name of India’s 11th President; who is known as APJ Abdul Kalam, in short. He was born to Mr. Jainulabdeen and Mrs. Ashiamma. Abdul Kalam’s father was a boat owner who ferried Hindu pilgrims from the famous Rameswaram temple in Tamil Nadu to Dhanushkodi. Mr. Jainulabdeen was also an imam in the local mosque, this is how he earned his living for his family. Mrs. Ashiamma was a housewife. Dr. Abdul Kalam came from a modest family. He has even worked as a paperboy to support his father. Abdul Kalam has four brothers and one sister. He was born on 15th October 1931 in the temple city of Rameswaram. He was a devout Muslim.  He offered prayers five times a day and fasted during the holy month of Ramadan.

In his autobiography, he has mentioned that while he was young his father who was the imam, the temple priest and the priest from the nearby church used to sit together and discuss the common issues of the village. This is how the feeling of secularism and equality was inculcated in him. Dr. Abdul Kalam’s teachers remember him as being not a very studious student, but very hardworking. He graduated from Madras University with physics as his main subject, he wanted to be a fighter pilot. He studied aerospace engineering, later on he completed his PhD and became a scientist. He was involved in India’s civilian space and military missile development programmes and hence he is known as, “The Missile Man of India.” Kalam was the Chief Scientific Adviser to the then Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh (1992-1999). He received the Bharat Ratna or the highest civilian award in 1997, the Padma Bhushan which is the third highest civilian award in 1981 and the Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian award in 1990. Once he was asked whether he would like to be known as a poet, a teacher, a missile man, a scientist, a President or a statesman. Dr. Kalam replied that he would like to be known as a teacher! On 27th July 2015, it was as if God blessed him, he breathed his last while giving a lecture in Shillong to the IIM students . Not only India, but the whole world was saddened by the death of this great man. We can rightly say that Mr. Abdul Kalam is an epitome of simplicity and humility.

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  1. usha says:

    good essay

  2. sandy says:

    really heart touching

  3. shaheen malik says:

    nice one thanks abdul kalam ji we all are missing u

  4. pavitra poolpandi says:

    hume apke suggestions se sikh mili h thanks…………..

  5. Greeshma R says:

    Please can u provide essay on apj abdul kalam’s school days and how it influenced me for children class 1. Thank u very much.

  6. mayuri says:

    it’s very nice to help the students.

  7. pearl says:

    my class teacher told to write a essays on A P J abdul kalam and miss liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. alice says:

    i like it . i love it .

  9. Rohit ramtri says:

    Thanx @ pushpa bhaskar… This essay helped me a lot for my speech….

  10. sohit says:

    Very good essay

  11. sharmila says:

    i m very thankful to your essay and loved it alot.

  12. vidya says:

    It was very nice ….I salute u missile man

  13. sourav says:

    I salute u our 11th president dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM . and thanx to @Pushpa bhaskar for this essay.

  14. aditya says:

    wow…i really got hert by reading this

  15. Kareem Abbas says:

    Dr. Abdul Kalam deserves a lot of essays for many levels because he was a great man

  16. Abhishek says:


  17. kalyan says:

    A missle man essay

  18. aparna says:

    its dr avul Pakir Jainulabudeen Abdul Kalamnot Abdul Pakir Jainulabudeen Abdul Kalam

  19. varry sad newuse.he is dead.

  20. Agatha Pratap says:

    I like it thanks kids essays u really write verrry nice essays I must say
    This my fathers email and my name ok

  21. Pooja says:

    Thanks it helped me to complete my project

  22. anju says:

    it help me for elocutin for 13 years

  23. anju says:

    it help me for elocution for 13 years

  24. Bindu says:

    good essay

  25. JOLY says:


  26. gowtham bala says:

    really it to nice

  27. vikky says:

    Thank you

  28. SANSKRITI says:

    He was really a good person and a nice essay alsoo..
    Thanks for completing my work.

  29. SANSKRITI says:

    He was really a good person and nice essay alsoo.
    For this essay i am thanking uuu

  30. Nsd says:

    Good essay but too long

  31. anish says:

    Your are the pride of INDIA

  32. Tastl says:

    Thank you Puspa for the help. It was simple and easy to follow.

  33. vasisht says:


  34. NATASHA says:


  35. Jayanti Bhattacharya says:

    The full name of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is written….wrong….I should be AVUL PAKIR JAINULABDEEN ABDUL KALAM..

  36. Md sani says:

    Bless you kalam really heart touching

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