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India- My land, My Country and My Dream


October 14, 2015 by admin_kids

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Subject:Short paragraph/Essay /Speech on India- My land,My Country,My Dreams
Mode: Easy-moderate
Grade- 3
Target Age Group: 8-12 Years
Total sentences: 32
Contributed By: Vaibhav Vibheesh-  Indian Learners Own Academy, kuwait

IMG-20151014-WA0008I am an Indian. I love my motherland. I wish to make it an ideal country in the world. I dream of making India a richer, happier and healthier place to live in. I want to see my country progress in all fields of life. Today people have grown selfish. There is injustice everywhere .We always think of our own interests. But we do not think of the welfare of the nation. I like every Indian to have national character. In the India of my dream, every man will have a high moral sense and a deep lovefor the nation. Our country is developing in the fields of science and industry. I want my country to be a leading country in new technology. Our Industries should grow faster. We should produce everything of our need. This India of my dream will use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Education will be available for everyone. India must be a very strong country. We have to protect our hard-earned freedom. India is a peace-loving nation. The India of my dream will follow the policy of truth and non-violence. We can gain peace only when we are very strong. The India of my dream will be a mighty country. Today we find a big gap between the rich and the poor. There is corruption in all walks of life. The India of my dream will have social justice. There will be no rich and poor. Everybody will be equal.. The feelings of casteism and regionalism must go away forever. There will be an atmosphere of equality, brotherhood and freedom all over the country. The India of my dreams will bring heaven to earth. The India of my dream will strengthen and empower women. My dream India will be free from gender bias and inequality.

May god fulfill my dream!

Vande Mataram

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  1. Natesan says:

    Super tired

  2. rajeev says:

    so nice essay

  3. N SUdarshan says:

    Well, very nice that this essay on our India of my dreams have touched my heart. Showing great patriotism towards our mother India is utmost acceptable. I am proud to be an Indian citizen.

  4. Ayu says:

    Nice and inspiring essay

  5. viplav says:

    Good esaay

  6. meenakshi says:

    it was cool

  7. aryaman says:

    Good essay

  8. sukhmeet says:

    Ya you tried very well really it’s nice I like it very much

  9. sristi says:

    what a essay!!! i m proud to be indian
    nice essay
    i like it
    🙂 😉 🙂

  10. sristi says:


  11. Ravi says:

    Very nice very much inspiring essay

  12. Prashool says:


  13. vineetha says:


  14. rishabh thakur says:

    nice dreams

  15. UMA says:


  16. KARTIK says:

    #Cool essay

  17. Nidhi says:

    Gr8……well tried

  18. KRISNA says:


  19. Harpreet kaur says:


  20. Saumyadeep das says:

    good essay

  21. maaz says:

    nice try bro i like it , it will healp me n my easay

  22. Vinay kumar says:

    Good dream may god fulfill your dream

  23. Ranjith says:

    nice and very well,i like it

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