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Reading Habit


October 14, 2015 by admin_kids

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Subject:Sort paragraph/Essay on ‘Reading Habit”
Mode: Easy-moderate
Grade- 3-6
Target Age Group: 8-12 Years
Total sentences: 29
Contributed By: Manish Kothari,V.M.S School Gujarat

We have heard everyone saying that reading is a good habit. My grandmother is seventy three years old . She is a voracious reader, but she reads only newspapers. She has a very good habit of reading the newspaper daily. After her morning chores, she sits to read the newspaper for at least an hour.she doesn’t like anybody disturbing her at that time . In fact she is so updated that everyone else in the house relies on her for the daily important news nuggets-regional, national or international. My grandmothers news reading habit is a great help for the other members of my house, especially my parents because they both are working and so they hardly have any time to read the news.My grandmother is the one who tells them the important news, so my father needs to read only the business news.My elder brother takes the newspaper only to read the sports news. He is more interested in reading on his tab.or smart phone. My sister too loves reading but she reads only fiction, whereas I like reading mythology. I’ve read many mythological stories.So, I am well versed with the stories of the Hindu gods and goddesses.peoples reading habits vary based on their age and liking. Reading is an important habit. Parents should bring up their children in an atmosphere that is conducive to reading. If children have the habit of reading, most of their doubts can be clarified through books, they need not depend in their parents for each and everything. Parents should take care that children makes reading their hobby . Small children can start by reading comics. The pictures and small stories will attract them.later on they can move on to short stories with pictures. As we reach teenage we should read fictional and non fictional books. Newspaper reading should also be made a habit.Teachers can also play a role in the formation of a childs newspaper reading. In the beginning children can be asked to write the headlines, later on they can form two or three sentences and read what they have written. Thus the basic skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing can be encouraged. A child who is trained in such a manner, will naturally try to develop these through his reading habits and attain knowledge unknowingly. We should always remember that we all grow but a person who reads and grows will always flourish and prosper.

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  1. KYI KYI TUN says:

    Thank you so much for your excellent and simple sentences.

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