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Advantages of Reading News papers


November 8, 2015 by admin_kids

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Title: Advantages of Reading News papers
Mode: Easy
class :3
Target Age :8-12
Contributed By: Muhammad Rayyan Babar ,ROOTS college International, DHA-1 , Islamabad,

Reading keeps your mind busy and active. A mind is a muscle and it needs exercise to work efficiently. Reading provides mind with that exercise. T.V and computers are meant for entertainment and amusement and they are ‘non-thinking’ activities. Newspapers are the first thing to greet us in morning. China was the first country to publish newspaper in 16th century. Newspapers have different publication timings like weeklies, dailies or monthlies.Advantages of reading newspapers are that they give us information about our country and about the rest of the world. Newspapers enhance our language skills and increase our vocabulary. For students it is more important to read newspapers because they give information about history, general knowledge, sports, movies and space adventures.Newspapers take you to the tour of the world without any passport and visa. Those who do not read newspapers cannot enjoy these things.

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