My Favorite school Event


November 8, 2015 by

Title: My Favourite School Event
Mode: Easy
class :3
Target Age :8-12
Contributed By: Muhammad Rayyan Babar ,ROOTS college International, DHA-1 , Islamabad,

A school is a place where we get to know about different activities for the first time. Participating in these activities is always memorable and exciting. My favourite school event is “MENTAL MATHS COMPETITION”. This event is held once in a year. One student is selected from each section of a class. Then they are teamed up with other students to form three teams. This competition is basically to enhance mental skills. Students have to answer these questions in time span of seconds. Questions are not repeated at all and students have to be very quick in understanding the questions, in calculations and then answering it. Last year I was also selected as one of the finalists. Our team A and team C reached the final rounds. The winning round lasted for thirty questions as both teams were not ready to give up. In the end, team C couldn’t answer a question and we answered it to win the event. We were highly appreciated and were given certificates and shields.Winning is always exciting and encouraging. I would always like to participate in this event again because this event helps me in enhancing my mental skills and to speed up my mental calculations.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite school Event

  1. Ponjeganath A says:

    Nehru essay


  2. Sandin says:

    very good


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