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My Hobby- Coin and Currency Collection


November 9, 2015 by admin_kids

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Title:  Essay/Speech on My favourite Hobby- Coin and Currency Collection
Mode: Easy
class :3
Target Age :8-12
Contributed By: Muhammad Rayyan Babar ,ROOTS college International, DHA-1 , Islamabad

A hobby is any activity a person likes to do in his spare time. As it is commonly said, ‘ an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’, so those who get busy in their favourite activity never get bored in their free time. Hobbies vary from person to person. Hobbies are of different kinds, they can be indoors or outdoors. Some are costly and some are cheap. Pursuing a particular hobby is a matter of personal choice.
My favourite hobby is coin and currency collection. It is also called NUMISMATICS. It is also one of the oldest hobbies of the world and is also called ‘hobby of the Kings’, as in the old times, it was only done by kings and elite class of the society. It started for me some years back when my father used to come back from his foreign tours and give me coins of different countries. I started collecting them in my money box and after that I always used to wait for my new coins as much I used to wait for my father. Since then, it has become my favourite hobby. This hobby has given me information about different countries of the world. I have got to know about important personalities of the different countries. From a currency note of one lac IDR OF Indonesia to Nigerian naira, its really exciting to have them and keeping them safe. This hobby has made me responsible to take care of important things at very young age. I have also learnt dealings of different currencies on my foreign tours and save money for my favourite hobby. I feel extreme pleasure in showing my collection to others. It has also taught me this lesson that A LIFE WITHOUT A HOBBY IS JUST LIKE FOOD WITHOUT SALT.

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  1. Zainab Murtaza says:

    this essay is quit good

  2. jia says:

    It is excellent paragraph for children of 3-5 .

  3. Haren says:

    It’s good

  4. hadia says:

    quiet simple and interesting well done

  5. javed says:

    very nice essay on this light topic

  6. Sudhanshu says:

    It is superv

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