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May 25, 2016 by admin_kids

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Subject: Nature
Contributed By – Nipun B.
Age – 10 years
School – Delhi Public School, Bangalore South
Country – India

Nature was made by itself. It is a beautiful form of art and a great thing to study. However, it also has a dark side. These are called natural disasters. These cause severe damage. Nature has many forms such as the sea, oceans, rivers, mountains, plants, animals, etc. However, men were also formed by Nature. Man-made resources are quickly replacing Nature’s inventions. Nature is a very important thing. Its uses are used for our daily needs. Nature can be of many groups-

Waterbodies – Rivers, rain, lakes, seas, ponds, oceans, etc., are some waterbodies. Oceans are the largest waterbodies. There are 5 oceans in the world, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Antarctic and the Artic. The largest is the Pacific and the smallest is the Artic. The longest river is the Nile. The largest is the Amazon. Water is the largest and the only liquid form of Nature. About three-fourths of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Water also has many natural disasters such as floods, storms, heavy rainfall, cyclones, etc.

Plants – Plants are the most important forms of Nature. Farmers grow crops for food, plants give oxygen. Oxygen is a gas which we breathe. We breathe out carbon dioxide. Plan breathe through leaves. They breathe through tiny pores on their leaves called stomata. They breathe in carbon dioxide. That’s how plants depend on us. Plants can be as small as an organism to a Giant Redwood Tree. Plants are also very important for animals. Deforestation leads to man-made disasters such as landslides. So plant more trees and protect Nature.

Animals – Animals are the only living creatures which can move and have skin. Animals are found all over the Earth. Animals can be as small as a micro-Protozoa to the largest Blue Whale. Animals like Dolphins, Chimpanzees and Humans are intelligent. Animals like Deer, Giraffe, Zebra, etc., are herbivores. They eat plants. Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, etc., are carnivores. They eat meat.

Nature is in threat of disappearing. Sewage water goes to rivers. Plants are cut down to build cities. Animals are killed for their meat. All these factors affect Nature. Man also has to survive, but should not upset the balance of Nature.

We can take action to drive the attention of the people who are blindly destroying Nature.

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  1. sejal raikar says:

    very nice essay,really helpfull for my child.

  2. Talha says:

    Very Nice Essay…

  3. Very helpful & nice essay

  4. Sanmati says:

    Well thought and thorough! good job..

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