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Importance of Hard work and planning in Success


June 28, 2016 by admin_kids

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Subject: Childrens Essay on ‘Importance of Hard work and Planning in Success’
Usage: Children’s Speech/Elocution, Short Essay, Short paragraph
Mode: Easy
Target Age Group- 8-12 years
Contributed by- Anjana Sreekumar
School- Cotton Hills, Trivandrum

Every boy and girl is born with multiple talents.  But not every man and women can achieve success in life. The only factor which lies between talent and success is hard work and planning. Michelangelo, one of the greatest artist ever lived once said-‘If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all ‘.  His words resonates how hard work  played a part in defining successes in his life. When Sachin Tendulkar  hits a six or when Roger Federer wins a title, we will never see the years of hard work , efforts  and sacrifices these people took to achieve that successful moment. Life is always full of challenges. Failures are part of it. As a student, the difficult mathematics formula’s we have to crack, the length of historical dates we have to memorize, are all challenges and it’s normal that we struggle to master it. But persistence efforts and hard work along with little planning often pays off.  Having said that it’s also one of the most difficult art to master. Hard word is a quality which is also part of your habit and is something we have develop over time. One of the secret formulas to this is planning. Students should always plan their next day and set targets on various activities they have to cover the very next day including study time and home works. A detailed diary writing on your plan also will helps. We should actively make a conscious effort so that we always stick to the plan and executes it well. Practicing this over a period of time, will make it a habit and part of your life and you will find the magic of success unveiling around you.

Note:  For speeches please add introduction and conclusion part

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  1. reetambhara 7D,G9,17 july 2016 says:

    it helped me so much who has written this is really a hard working man
    or women.

  2. Josh says:

    This speech is so informative.this was also useful and thanks of to the person who wrote it.

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