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Guru Purnima- Children’s Speech/Essay


July 19, 2016 by admin_kids

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Subject:  Guru Purnima/Vyasa Purnima/Vyasa Jayanthi
Usage: Children’s Speech/Elocution 3 Minutes, Short Essay, Short paragraph- 300 words
Mode: Medium/Advanced
Target Age Group- 10-15 years

Gurupoornima or Vyasa Purnima  is a festival which reflects the glorious culture and traditions of India where teachers are considered as equal to GOD. Its celebrated as a mark of respect to all teachers and is the Birth day of  Veda Vyasa, the first Teacher, who documented and classified all four Vedas .Hence Guru Purnima is also called Vyasa Poornima or Vyasa jayanthi. The full moon day of the month Ashada Masa ,June -July  is celebrated as Gurpoornima. In Sanskrit, ‘Gu’ means Darkness and ‘Ru’ Means one who removes. Hence Guru is considered as one who sheds the light of knowledge and remove the darkness of ignorance. The significance of Guru Purnima can be understood from the fact that the term ‘Guru’ is used with much reverence and devotion and is a person who is considered as  your friend,philosopher,Guide and life long companion  and is different from the  concept of the term teachers. The following Slokas from India’s ancient texts summarizes the importance given to a Guru. Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnuhu, Guru Devo Maheswaraha,Guru Saakshaat Parabhrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurve Nam. The festival is deeply routed in the ancient education system of Guru Shisya tradition which is considered as sacred. In this modern era where values are diminishing and society tends to be divisive, selfish with lack of mutual respect, it’s very important that we understands the significance of such festivals . Let’s celebrate Guru Poornima with deep devotion and  pay tribute to all our teachers for their roles in guiding us.

Note: For speech please add

Respected teachers and my dear friends,

Good Morning. Today i am going to talk to you about Guru Purnima otherwise called Vyasa Purnima.

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