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Srikrishna Jayanthi/ Janmastami/Astami Rohini


August 2, 2016 by admin_kids

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 Subject: Srikrishna Jayanthi/ Janmastami/Krishanstami
Usage: Children’s Short Essay, Short paragraph, Speech/Elocution 3 Minutes
Mode: Medium

By:Saurav Thivari, Class 11,DPS
Target Age Group- 10-15 years

Krishnastami or Srikrishna jayanthi is one of the major festivals of Hindus  and is  celebrated in India with much joy ,devotion  and reverence. The festival has deep spiritual significance as it marks the Birth day of Lord Sri Krishna. The celebrations is also know as  Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, or  Sree Jayanti or Janmashtami. Across India, the day marks special Poojas  and colorful processions called Shobha yatras ,  where kids dressed as little Krishna’s takes the streets. Lord Krishna is Believed to be born by  around 3100 BC and was the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudevar .He was an incarnations of Lord Vishnu Himself  and was born with a mission to take on evil forces which prevailed on Earth at that time. Along with his brother Balarama ,Krishna accomplished his mission by Killing Kamsa, a demonized King and reestablished dharmic Rule in the Society.  During the great Mahabharat war ,Shri Krishna recited 700 shlokas or holy verses in the form of the ‘Bhagavat Gita’ to convince the reluctant Arjuna to fight his own kith and kin to reinstate Righteousness.A loving child, a cowherd, the beloved of the gopikas ,a brother, a charioteer, a warrior, a disciple, a guru and philosopher, a messenger, throughout his life, Krishna enacted so many roles. His life was a model for people in the past and the modern world and will be a guiding light for future generations as well.

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