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Essay/Speech- International Peace day


September 21, 2016 by admin_kids

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Subject:   International Peace Day Message
Usage: Children’s  Speech/Elocution – 3 Minutes
Mode: Medium

By: Vaishnavi Ravindran, Calicut
Target Age Group- 10-15 years

In 1982, United nations took the initiative to celebrate September 21 as International Peace day by a resolution sponsored by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica. Since then the day  is celebrated as a symbolic gesture to remind the society about strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.Today 12.7 percent of the world’s population ,ie 1.4 Billion people lives at or below $1.90 a day. 22,000 children die each day due to conditions of poverty. We also have witnessed the horrors of two world wars and have now realized how devastating it will be. If The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was
more than 38 million, world war 2 witnessed 60 million people ,ie around 3 percent of the worlds population, perishing to keep up territorial ambitions and egos of states and leaders.World also witnessed how nuclear strikes can annihilate humanity. Today we have realized the importance of peace. We know that our priority is not wars , terrors and conflicts but the sustainable development of nations. Our priority is help those underprivileged to come out of poverty. To help those children, who have been denied a better education, to help those mothers and children fighting malnutrition.John Steinbeck, the famous author and pulizter prize winner once said ‘All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal’.Humanity can no more afford wars and terrorist acts. We have realized that  no terrorist acts, violence and wars have actually solved any of the worlds real problems. We as children can offer a helping hand to the idea of peace  by raising the awareness about it and take a collective and firm step against hate campaigns, terrorist acts, violence and wars. Harmony can be achieved only if we develop a culture, where we see the world and all its inhabitants with mutual respect. Lets dream a world  which mutually respects each other and celebrates  its diversities like people, religions, cultures and ethnicity,happily coexisting  and working towards humanities common goals. Lets not spread the idea of hatred. In a world still infected with war cries and terrorism strikes, September 21 stands as a gentle reminder.. Its time that we declare World war 3, not against nations and people, but against enemies like poverty, malnutrition, unemployment ,pollution  and lack of education.

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