Two Frogs- Story telling for LKG,UKG Kids

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January 31, 2017 by

Subject: Two Frogs
Usage: Story telling
Mode: Easy
Target Age Group- Play School,LKG, UKG,

Good morning teachers and friends,

Today i am going to tell you the story of two Frogs.

Two frogs were playing on a rainy day. Slowly, they hopped and hopped and came into a house. There was a churn of milk lying outside. Both the frogs fell into the churn.They tried to escape by swimming , But in vain. One of the frogs lost hope and said “I can’t swim any more” and he drowned to the bottom. The other did not lose hope. He kept on swimming. Slowly, His movements churned the milk into butter. The frog climbed on to a pat of butter and hopped out of the Pot.

The moral of the story is God will be always with some one who keeps on trying hard.

Thank you..

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