Women Empowerment- Short paragraph/Essay

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March 15, 2017 by

Subject:  Women Empowerment
Usage: Speech/Essay/ Short Paragraph
Mode: Medium
Target Age Group- 10-15 years, Students of Class 5,6,7,8,9,10

Humans are born as equal beings. They are meant to live peacefully with one another. Somehow, along the way, women began to be considered as inferior and weren’t given as much respect, as they deserved. They weren’t allowed to take decisions by themselves and had to adhere to the restrictions set on them. Women empowerment refers to a global initiative which attempts to raise women to a standard that is equal to men.

The social issues, relating to women empowerment, usually exist in the areas, where people are mostly undereducated. Such people believe that a woman’s place is in the household, subdued by her family and/or husband. They are not very concerned about her welfare. Governments across the world are setting up drives and awareness programs to educate such masses. This enables them to change their views about gender roles. Gender roles are the rigid structures, established by the society, which determines what is appropriate for people of a specific gender.  A positive change in the mindset of people would allow women to work, contest in elections and support her family – all of which was considered to be a man’s privilege. A developed country is one in which citizens receive support, regardless of their gender or ethnic background. Women can be empowered by giving them equal wages as men, by not being judgmental towards them, by encouraging them to take the initiative to find jobs. They should be reminded that, as individuals, they have the right to live life on their own terms. In short, all they want is to be provided equal opportunities like men.

It is essential to help women realize that they are just as capable as men, to achieve everything they set their minds to. This not only helps in making women strong and independent, but also helps the nation to progress.

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