My favourite Cartoon- Batman

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March 16, 2017 by

Subject:  My Favourite Cartoon Character- Batman
By: Vishnu Nath, Class 2
Usage: Speech/Essay/ Short Paragraph
Mode: Easy
Target Age Group- 6-10 years, Students of Class UKG, 1,2,3

My favorite cartoon character is Batman. He is an amazing guy, with great fighting skills who fights all the evils in the world. His real name is Bruce Waye. During his childhood he witnessed the murder of his parents. That incident shattered him and he decided to take up the challenge to fight the criminals in this world. He trained hard and acquired great fighting skills. Later he decided to wear a bat like costume and earned the name BATMAN.  He travels in a specially designed vehicle called BATMOBILE. He is physically so strong and fast which makes his enemies almost impossible to defeat him. Sometimes he teams up with ROBIN and BAT GIRL which makes a great team to protect GOTHAM city. The reason why I like batman is that unlike other super heroes, batman don’t possess any super powers. His real strength is his amazing fighting skills which he acquired by hard work and training. He always stand by truth and justice and I love him so much. My papa presented me a BATMAN toy for my last birthday. I always keep it near to my study table.

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