My Favourite Cartoon- Scooby Doo


March 20, 2017 by

Subject:  My Favourite Cartoon- Scooby Doo

Contributor- Madhav Prasanth, Class 1, ICSK School- Kuwait

Usage: Short Paragraph for  Junior students

Mode: Easy

Target Age Group- 5,6,7 years, Students of Class/Grade- UKG,1,2

My favourite cartoon character is Scooby doo. He is a big dog who loves to go out and hang around with his friends. His friends are Shagy,Fred,Dafney and Valma. Scooby’s  best pal is Shagy. Shagy  and Scooby are always hungry .They are  also afraid of ghosts. Fred is the captae always has amazing plans. Valma is the genius in the gang.  However, Shagy and Scooby are very timid. Dafney will be always with Fred to help him escape from troubles. My favourite Scooby doo story is the story of Werewolf, who tried to hunt Scooby and Shagy. Scooby solves many mysteries and his stories are always exiting. I love him so much.


One thought on “My Favourite Cartoon- Scooby Doo

  1. essam says:

    thank you for your writing


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