My Grand Mother

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March 22, 2017 by

Contributed by: Vedant R Menon, UKG, Kidzy, Vasco, Goa
Subject: My Grandmother
Usage: Simple paragraph
Mode: Easy
Target Age Group- 5,6,7 years, Students of Class/Grade- UKG, 1

My grandmother’s name is lathika. She is 64 years old and stays with my grandfather at our home in Alwaye.She was a teacher. During vacation I stay with them.Everyday morning I go to temple with my grandmother.she makes yummy dishes for me. Her soup and french fries are my favourite.I enjoy doing activities  with her. She also got lots of interesting stories for me. She helps me when i fight with my mom and dad. Some times I help her in kitchen.She  is my best friend.i love her so much

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