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My dream – By- Suthirth Parthiban


May 31, 2017 by admin_kids

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Name : Suthirth Parthiban
Class : Grade 2
School : Leaders Private school,Al Zahra, Sharjah,UAE
Topic : My Dream

Dream is a strong desire to achieve something in life.I believe everybody has their own dreams and keep moving towards our goals.My Dream is to become a successful scientist.The main area where I would like to focus my attention is the medical and pharmaceutical sector. As a scientist, I would conduct research to develop cheaper varieties of medicines and pharmaceutical products so that the poor people can afford them.I would like to find medicines for non-curable diseases and invent cost-effective devices using robotics for early detection of diseases like CANCER, STROKE and other possibilities for Organ transplantation and life threatening disease.I would also make low cost medical equipments so that much money is not spent on importing them from other countries.I will study hard and do a lot of hard work to become a scientist and face those great challenges.In order to pursue my dream, I may face failure but I will not stepdown. I wish to use my inquisitive nature to fulfill my dream.My parents always support me and think highly of my dreams.They get me encyclopedias and take me for science fairs and exhibitions.I will definitely become a Scientist one day and make my parents, teachers and nation proud that day.

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  1. Prasanth says:

    well done..well written

  2. Sonal says:

    Nice one

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