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17 Oranges- Simple Skit/Drama -By -Malavika Krishna


June 1, 2017 by admin_kids

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Role Play- 17 Oranges
Usage: Short Drama/Simple Skit/Role play for children
Developed by: Malavika Krishna, Class 8 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
No of Characters-6
Target Age Group-  Students aged 10-15,Students of Class/Grade- Class 5-10


Clem Jones-

Narrator:   Good morning to one and all here. Our group is going to present a skit       on the humorous story – 17oranges. The characters are………………….So here we start…….Once in France a young boy called Jonnathan was  working  as a delivery boy for the Swift Dairy Company .One day his friend Clem Jones was caught  by an arrogant policeman – Mr. Pongo  James.  Let’s see what happened………

Pongo: Come on, open the box. Have you stolen anything?

Clem: No, I haven’t stolen anything. It’s my cat.

Pongo: A cat! I’m not a fool to believe you. Come on open it.

Clem: No, I won’t open. It will run away.

Narrator: First Clem refused, but after he opened.

Cat: Meow…..Meow…..I’m free at last.

(From the box the cat will come out)

Clem: See, I told you. (And will run after the cat)  

Narrator: Pongo was stunned. Later Clem came back with the same box with an angry face. This time Pongo let him go. Poor Pongo. He doesn’t know that the second time Clem had actually stolen a Dutch cheese from the dock yard.


Narrator: Pongo continues checking. This time he caught Jonnathan, the delivery boy with something round bulging out of his pockets.

Pongo: What’s bulging out young man?

Jonnathan: Ah…….aah….nothing…..some ooraanges………

Pongo: Oranges!! Come with me.

Narrator: Pongo took Jonnathan to his cabin.

(At the cabin.)

Pongo: Come on. Take out the oranges.

(Jonnathan will take out the oranges trembling.)

Pongo: Oh! My God……..!!! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17…. Seventeen oranges. Gonna file a case on this. 17 oranges!!! I’m going to bring my colleague. He will stand as a witness.

Narrator: Pongo went to call his colleague. Meanwhile let’s see what happened in the locked room.


Narrator: Jonnathan was very much sad and tensed.

Jonnathan: What my parents will tell? Will I go to prison?

Narrator: Several questions arose in his mind. Suddenly……….

Inner voice: Eat them. Eat them and erase the evidence.

Jonnathan: Yes, that’s right. (and takes an orange)

Narrator: Jonnathan peeled

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