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Imagination- By -Sanjana Shetty


July 11, 2017 by admin_kids

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Title: Imagination
Written By: Sanjana Shetty, Class 8, JSS
Private School, Dubai, Al Safa, UAE


It’s something aesthetic,

which cannot be thought of until you are energetic.


It may be way out of this real-world,

but you see, it’s your dreamworld!


It can run around your mind as a motion,

well, it shows a part of your emotions.


It shows your childishness,

along with some of your mildness.


It’s happiness, it’s more than heaven,

brought in leavenly by you…


Past the window seat,

you see dozens of dreams.


When it happens to you,

you are the best version of you.


Coz’ that silence in you,

shows the imaginative you…


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