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International Day for the world indigenous people-Essay/Speech for Students


August 9, 2017 by admin_kids

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Topic: International Day for the world indigenous people
Usage:  Essay/Speech/paragraph for students
Mode: Medium
Target Age/Class –Children of 10-15 years, Grade 5-10

August 9 is celebrated as the international day for the world indigenous people.  Indigenous people are considered as the people who have retained their culture, tradition and character for centuries. Today, it’s estimated that their number exceeds three fifty million and they spread across hundred countries. They communicate is as many as 7000 languages and represent a diverse four thousand plus cultures. In 2007, the United Nations passed a declaration about the rights of indigenous people and decided to celebrate August 9 as International Day for the world indigenous people. The declaration was aimed at  trying to protect their rights and declare solidarity to their struggle to survive.

Why is it important to protect them? Today, the total number of indigenous people is less than five percent of the world population. Yet, a significant percentage of these groups are living under poor  conditions.  It’s the basic human right of every one in this world to choose what he wants to follow and live in  with equal rights . Many igenous, ancient cultures around the world  were destroyed due to colonization, suppression and exploitation. Today ,it’s an accepted fact that culture plays an important role in sustainable development and cultural diversity has to be preserved. Heritage and culture plays a vital role in shaping the character and values of a society. One of the reasons for the deterioration of moral values and conduct in our society can be traced to the destruction of unique ancient cultures and traditions. There for, we must always respect people who have chosen to follow their forefathers. However they require support in terms of financial sustainability , education, healthcare etc. All such efforts should be made by respecting and preserving indigenous traditions.  For many of them, forests plays an important role in their life and it’s our responsibility to make sure their habitats are not destroyed in the name of progress and development.

International Day for the world indigenous people is a good opportunity for students to remember our forefathers and the values and traditions they tried to protect and handed over to generations. If we closely observe these people, one key characteristic we can learn from them is the ‘mutual respect’ they show to this world. For many of then the forests and trees are sacred, birds,mountains and animals are sacred. They respect elders and women. This mutual respect is the key to their peaceful coexistence and survival. Today, the modern world can learn many lessons on survival, peaceful coexistence and sustainable development from them.  It’s important that we understand and respect people who have chosen to follow their ancient traditions and today is the day to realize their importance and remember their struggles.

Note: For speech,please add formal introduction and conclusion

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