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My Father, My First Love


September 9, 2017 by admin_kids

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Subject: My Father, My First Love
Written By: Sanjana Shetty, Class 8, JSS
Private School, Dubai, Al Safa, UAE

My father was in Dubai when I was born in a hospital in Bangalore. So, he never got to see me crying, and I never got to feel the fatherly warmth.

I stayed at my grandmother’s place for eleven months and got adjusted to the surroundings. Later, my mother and I left for Dubai, and I, completely unaware of the whereabouts just kept staring at whatever I got to see and at times I cried and threw tantrums like every other baby. Once we reached, I saw a man happily looking at my chubby face and drooling mouth, and as he was about to carry me in his arms, I started crying so loudly that the whole universe could have heard it! And I still sit and wonder how I could get afraid of my own father.

We started living in an apartment, and I couldn’t help but find my surroundings eerie due to a new change. Every time my dad tried to make an attempt to carry me, I would cry my lungs out but who knew things would change in just a matter of time.

Since I used to sleep a lot in the mornings, I never used to sleep in the night, and I always used to cry, and that’s the reason why my parents used to wake up with swollen eyes. And typically my dad tried to make me comfortable by playing games with me every night and even as a baby, I never used to have that feeling of loneliness.

And as years went by, I grew up, and as time parted its way I made my way to becoming more close to my father. I still remember the time I made my dad’s clothes ready on the bed with the required accessories when I was just 2.3 years old! My father was so happy that he decided to wear whatever I made available even if it didn’t suit him because he knew that this sincerity and warmth had come from my heart. He adored my innocence.

Whenever my father used to get back from a tiring day of office, he never minded to take me to the play area where I used to have the best times of my life with my father.

And as more years passed by, more memories went by and are still fresh and beautiful in my mind. My dad, still makes me smile every day and I would love to give back to him.

There are no words can describe our bond. I believe that memories indeed make our past more beautiful.

And my father will forever be my first love..!

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  1. Archana says:

    Excellent Sanjana keep it up.

  2. Smitha says:

    Beautifully written …very good

  3. Manisha says:

    Well written …keep it up


    Superb dear… keep it up

  5. Sidhvin says:

    I am from India. I read your essay,it was a big and exciting 😎😃😉

  6. Sidhvin says:

    I am from India .I read your essay,it was extremely big and exciting

  7. aaryavardhan agrawal says:

    I am from India. i read your essay it was really fantastic and keep it up.

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