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Green Summer- Saving Energy during Summer


October 2, 2017 by admin_kids

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Topic: Essay on ‘Green Summer’
Class: Grade 4
School: Leaders Private School, Sharjah, UAE.
We are all aware SUMMER is the hottest and most awaited season for children because of holidays.
During summer the electricity consumption will be always high due to continuous running of AC and lights at home due to our full time availability during holidays. I always set the AC Temperature at moderate so that the electricity consumption will be minimal. Myself and my friends assemble will sit together at single room and spend our time to avoid unnecessary usage of lights in other rooms. Another thing I did to make the SUMMER more greenery is by making a flyer for recycling paper and visited all my friends home and relatives to collect waste papers. Around Nine Hundred kgs of paper I collected and handed over to the Recycling authority. By this way indirectly I contributed to save at least a tree. Whenever I make visit of outside places, I used to prefer going through only public transport and walk instead of using our own car or cab by which I can contribute a little towards fuel consumption or polluting the air and damaging ozone layer. As summer is always full of parties and fun due to holidays I always ensure to use plates made by recycling process materials otherwise paper plates and avoid completely plastic. Whenever I use grill always use propane gas instead of CHARCOAL in order to keep environment clean and healthy. Also whenever I go on vacation, ensure the electricity panel board is turned off for power saving.

This is a small initiative from my end. If everyone in this world come forward and contribute by their own way of saving then we could enjoy the GREEN SUMMER forever.

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  1. Steve says:

    Good essay

  2. Preethi says:

    Well done varnika

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