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  1. Arts and Craft project-Birds from Seashells


    June 10, 2017 by admin_kids

                Birds from Seashells Submitted by: Aaditya Pratap, Class 6 Usage:Arts and Craft  project work for student Class /Age group- Students of Grade 5-8 Material required 1. Seashells of different sizes, shapes and colors Next time when you go  to beach ,collect different seashells. 2. Quick Fix / glue Observe the shapes from your seashell collection. Pick the biggest shell …
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  2. Best from the waste- Project work for Students


    September 23, 2014 by admin_kids

    Project work for CBSE/ICSE Students Theme:Best from the Waste Done by: Aaditya Pratap,Class 4, ICSK, kuwait Idea is to create a picture from waste materials Required Materials 1.Pista Shells 2.Black carton Box (to be used as frame) 3.Sketch Pen 4.Paper ( to be cut and rolled as shown in the picture. 5.Glue or dual side tapes Procedure: Clean the Pista shells and color them as …
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