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  1. Jalian Wala Bagh- Short Essay/Paragraph/Speech


    April 13, 2017 by admin_kids

    Subject: Jallian Wala Bagh Massacre- April 13, 1919 Usage: Short paragraph/ Essay for school students/3 Minute children’s speech Mode: Medium Target Age Group-  Students aged 10,11,12,13,14,15 years Students of Class/Grade- 5,6,7,8,9,10 In the 89 years of British rule in India, Britain’s only commitment was to loot India and suppress Indians using brutal power. All through the history, the nationalists protested against the invasion of their …
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  2. Hiroshima day- Speech/Essay for Children


    July 26, 2016 by admin_kids

    Subject: Hiroshima Day Usage: Children’s Speech/Elocution 3 Minutes, Short Essay, Short paragraph Mode: Advanced By:Saurav Thivari, Class 11,DPS Target Age Group- 10-15 years Respected  dignitaries  on and off the dais and my dear friends, Today i am going to talk about Hiroshima Day 71 years ago, the then president of USA, Harry S. Truman took a decision. He decided to use Nuclear Weapons against Japan …
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  3. Independence Day


    August 12, 2015 by admin_kids

    Subject: Essay/Speech on “Independence Day” Mode: Eazy Grade- 7 Target Age Group: 10-15 Total sentences:23 Contributed By: Manohar Joshi, N.S.S school, Chennai India was ruled by the British from the year 1858. Queen Victoria was declared as the Empress of India. This rule continued until 15th August 1947. On 15th August the British left India and India got its freedom, since then 15th August is …
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  4. Christmas


    December 25, 2014 by admin_kids

    Topic: Simple  Childrens essay on ‘Christmas’ Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. It falls on the 25th December and is celebrated around the world. Christmas carol groups visit each house along with a “Christmas father”. Kids love Santa Claus as he gives them sweets and gifts. Carol groups sing songs and dance. One of the famous carol songs is “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer” which …
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  5. Relevance of Ramayana in todays life


    November 9, 2014 by admin_kids

    Topic: Children’s Elocution/Speech on ‘Relevance of Ramayana in todays life’ Targeted Age:8-15 Duration:  5 Minutes Speech Prepared by: Mrs.Preetha Vijay Kumar, Kuwait Delivered by: Arnav VijayaKumar, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Kuwait Rama means goodness and ayana means journey, Ramayana is the journey to goodness. Namastae, today I am going to speak on relevance of Ramayana in todays life. I believe most of us know Ramayana, as the …
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