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Do you have questions or comments regarding this site? What information or resources would you like to see included in this site? Would you like to contribute any content to this site ?

We  encourage Children to write essays and speeches.Observe the wonders around you and write on any topics which inspires you. Please send your articles to with  your name, class and school address  with a passport size photograph , so that we can acknowledge your precious contribution.

Please let us know your thoughts . Send your feedback to Together ,we can make it better.

Let your kid dream big, fly high and scale new heights.

20 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. elocutin competition topic my ganesha age 4 year says:

    this site is very good for children


  2. elocutin competition topic my ganesha age 4 year says:

    site is good but how see the information which we want


  3. […] Any body interested can get their essays, stories, poems and speeches published. Please click contact us.  […]


  4. k.akshaiyasri says:

    in your kids essay kindly teach us also which is noun,adjectives etc by underlying so we can learn easily.thank you.


  5. alberto yuanterena ray says:

    it is excellent & my son is the student of rabindra bharati school in vizag he is of classII, 6yrs he uses to give speech in school how he can join in speech contest plz inform me thanks


  6. saadiya shaikh says:

    Pls send an essay or small speech for grade III child on Trying is better than crying pls….. my email is


  7. Sreedevi Karthikeyan says:

    Hi There,

    I am a mother for 3rd grade kid. We stay in chennai (India). How can make my kid participate in oratory competition. Pls help me….


  8. Nageswara Rao says:

    We want some word’s for pomogranate of my child activity for favourite fruit


  9. Jonathan Edwards says:

    Hello Ryo,
    What do you mean? Do you want words that describe a pomegranate (red, fruity, sour, crunchy…) or do you want other words that MEAN pomegranate (there are no other words that have the same meaning unless you want the scientific names – Punica florida, Punica nana or the direct translation of the word “Grain Apple”)?

    I hope this helps, but if you need anything more, let me know.


  10. BHAVIYA says:

    very useful site.AWESOME


  11. sanjana says:

    please send an elocution topic- “how to be happy ” for 1st std student


  12. hashir says:

    A hockey match of Pakistan


  13. gulnar says:

    A memorable day of my life for standard first student


  14. snehaacharya says:

    Please pulish an essay on “Third world and brain drain”, as soon as possible for 10-15 yrs category.


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