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  1. My garden- short paragraph/simple essay


    August 2, 2017 by admin_kids

    Topic: My Garden Written By: Madhav Prasanth ,Grade 2 Usage:  Short paragraph/ simple Essay for children Mode: Easy Target Age/Class –6-10 years, Grade 1-4 I have a small beautiful garden at my home in Kerala. There are many beautiful flowers in our garden. Rose, Hibiscus, Lilly, Orchids, Sunflower, Dalia etc. are some of them. My grandmother takes care of our garden. When we go to Kerala …
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  2. My Garden


    May 16, 2015 by admin_kids

    Essay/Speech: My Garden Mode: Medium Grade: 5 Target Age: 10-16 Total Sentences: 33 Contributed by: Meenakshi Sinha, NSS School, Chandigarh We built a new house. My grandma loves farming, so she was adamant that there should be a garden in our courtyard. She also saw to it that it wouldn’t be a garden of flowers alone, but also of vegetables and fruits. I felt strange …
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